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About Us

A Passion

Books and reading have always been a passion for us. As we grow older, picking the right books is becoming more important for us, but also is becoming more of a challenge.
The availability of the Internet on miriad of devices and the development of dedicated eBook readers make things both easier and harder.
It bacame much easier to find information about any book or find recommendations about suggested reading, but this flood of information conflicts with the limited time we all have.

Which ones?

There are hundreds of thousands of books in existence, and thousands are being written every year.
Deciding which ones to try next is not easy.
Many other people and companies recognized this problem as well and are currently attempting to provide solutions in the form of community sites and recommendation engines.
The problem is, that individual tastes rarely match closely.
Also, different sites have different audience and agendas. Getting all of your book recommendations from a single source is not wise.

One site to rule them all (with apologies to Tolkien)

Some websites specialize in selling books, some concentrate on building online communities, others provide free content.
There is no site (as far as we know) that provides all of the information that we would like to have, in a crisp, precise way (though some are getting really close).

Our approach is to combine information from different sites and build the "ultimate" database about books, including access to free content.
Our plan is to deliver this information in a short form, accessible on all sorts of computers and devices.


We are a very small team, operating in a startup mode.
If you like our idea; we are actively lookig for partners and investors.
If you are interested, or would like to learn more about our plans, please contact us at webmaster at bookdetective.net.