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Name: The Associate

Author: Phillip Margolin
Year: 1997


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.4
Genres/categories: Mystery, Thriller

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A mesmerizing tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the high-stakes world of pharmaceutical research from Phillip Margolin, the New York Times bestselling master of the courtroom thriller.
Daniel Ames is living the American dream. After an improvished youth, he's now an associate at Reed, Briggs - Portland's most prestigious law firm - earning more money than he ever imagined possible.

Then Aaron Flynn, a charismatic civil litigator, sues Reed, Brigg's biggest client for manufacturing a drug that he claims causes unspeakable birth defects. Daniel is certain the claim has no merit - but as he begins to investigate, his world comes tumbling down around him. His work is sabataged, he's accused of professional imcomptence, and he's fired. Twelve hours later he's arrested for murder.

Daniel scrambles to clear his name and save his reputation - and in the process unearths a trail of deceit that leads back to a series of unsolved kidnappings seven years earlier. But someone doesn't want this trail explored, and Daniel becomes the target of a vicious killer who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being revealed.
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