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Books with cultural tag "Italy":

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"The Name of the Rose"
by Umberto Eco

"I, Claudius"
by Robert Graves

"If on a winter's night a traveler"
by Italo Calvino

"The Shoemaker's Wife"
by Adriana Trigiani

"Invisible Cities"
by Italo Calvino

"Foucault's Pendulum"
by Umberto Eco

"The Thief Lord"
by Cornelia Funke

"The Divine Comedy"
by Dante Alighieri

"A Room with a View"
by E. M. Forster

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"The Birth of Venus"
by Sarah Dunant

"Pope Joan"
by Donna Woolfolk Cross

"The Talented Mr. Ripley"
by Patricia Highsmith

"Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina"
by Robert Graves

"The Fallen Angel"
by David Hewson

"The Story of the Lost Child"
by Elena Ferrante

"The Agony and the Ecstasy"
by Irving Stone

by Robert Harris

"The Tuscan Child"
by Rhys Bowen

by Umberto Eco

by Robert Harris

"The Story of a New Name"
by Elena Ferrante

"Beautiful Ruins"
by Jess Walter

"The First Man in Rome"
by Colleen McCullough

"Under the Tuscan Sun"
by Frances Mayes

"The Leopard"
by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

by Italo Calvino

by Tom Holland

"Death in Venice"
by Thomas Mann

"The Baron in the Trees"
by Italo Calvino

"Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay"
by Elena Ferrante

"Death at La Fenice"
by Donna Leon

"The Tartar Steppe"
by Dino Buzzati

"A Soldier of the Great War"
by Mark Helprin

"The Silver Pigs"
by Lindsey Davis

"A Thread of Grace"
by Mary Doria Russell

"The Grass Crown"
by Colleen McCullough

"The Enchanted April"
by Elizabeth von Arnim

"The Solitude of Prime Numbers"
by Paolo Giordano

"My Brilliant Friend"
by Elena Ferrante

"In the Company of the Courtesan"
by Sarah Dunant

"The Imperfectionists"
by Tom Rachman

"The Shepherdess of Siena"
by Linda Lafferty

"The Broker"
by John Grisham

"The Decameron"
by Giovanni Boccaccio

"Niccolo Rising"
by Dorothy Dunnett

"Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking"
by Marcella Hazan

"The Spring of the Ram"
by Dorothy Dunnett

by Gore Vidal

by Colleen McCullough

"Fortune's Favorites"
by Colleen McCullough

"The Passion of Artemisia"
by Susan Vreeland

"The Snack Thief"
by Andrea Camilleri

"Ocean Sea"
by Alessandro Baricco

by Elsa Morante

by Robert Harris

"Christ Stopped at Eboli"
by Carlo Levi

"Italian Folktales"
by Italo Calvino

"Voice of the Violin"
by Andrea Camilleri

"The Waters of Eternal Youth"
by Donna Leon

"Death in a Strange Country"
by Donna Leon

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