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About Our Ratings

Most websites have maximum two rating systems - by rating (star rating) and popularity - number of books sold or clicked.

While both of these are solid systems, they leave a lot to be desired - the user based rating can be a subject of manipulation, and the overall book popularity is not an indication of the book quality.

We always used "weighted rating" - star rating that is adjusted for the number of reviews/ratings, because we do not think that a book with few 5-star reviews should have higher ranking than a book that has thousands of 5- and 4-star reviews.

In order to improve even further the book searches, we added some other ranking options: popular ranking, combined ranking and we exposed the "origina" star rating - the "raw" star rating, as found on the research/buy sites.

We are hoping that this will make finding you books you look for easier and we will love to hear from you!

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