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Name: Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life

Author: Larry Winget
Year: 2004


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.2
Genres/categories: Self help, Non Fiction, Business

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Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life

This is not your typical self-help book. You won't find any motivational platitudes or cute business parables here. This is more of a "get off your butt and get to work" approach that can help you achieve more success, make more money, improve your business, and have more fun.

Larry Winget doesn't pull any punches here. He believes that business gets better when businesspeople get better through personal growth. And it works the same way in your personal life-husbands and wives improve each other when they improve themselves, and kids improve when their parents do. In other words, everything in life gets better when you get better, and nothing gets better until you get better.

This book can make you better, but it will probably tick you off. Winget is direct, caustic, and controversial. You won't like or agree with everything he has to say. Yet his advice is full of wisdom and truth that can't easily be argued with.

Words from Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life that prove that this book is anything but typical:

"If you don't have much going wrong in your life, then you don't have much going on in your life."

"When you work, work! When you play, play! Don't mix the two."

"What you think about, talk about, and do something about is what comes about."

"When it quits being fun-quit."

"Time management is a joke."

And that's just the beginning!
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