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Name: Heart Of The Mirage

Author: Glenda Larke
Year: 2006


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.2
Genres/categories: Fantasy, Fiction

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The Exaltarch rules the Tyranian Empire through force and a network of spies known as the Brotherhood. In Kardiastan, Tyrans has forced out the Magor ruling class and imposed their own leaders.

Ligea Gayed, one of the top agents of the Brotherhood, is ordered to find a Kardiastan rebel leader and bring him to justice. A straightforward enough assignment for her, but all Ligea finds is mystery upon mystery. The rebels seem able to come and go at will and any attempt to pursue them across the desert ends in disaster.

Ligea has to face her own demons and her own violent past to discover the secrets of Kardiastan...

2006 Aurealis Awards for Fantasy and Science Fiction
Finalist - Best Fantasy Novel
This book is part of the "Mirage Makers" series.
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