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Name: You Can If You Think You Can

Author: Norman Vincent Peale
Year: 1974


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.5
Genres/categories: Self help, Non Fiction, Business, Psychology

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Best-selling classics by Norman Vincent Peale
The Power of Positive Thinking (special 35th anniversary edition). The greatest inspirational best seller of the century offers confidence without fear and a life of enrichment and luminous vitality.
Inspiring Messages for Daily Living. Realistic, practical answers to the hundreds of problems we face from day to day -- ordinary problems encountered in personal difficulties, in family relationships, on the job, and in dealing with those around us.
You Can if You Think You Can. Dramatic, heartwarming stories of how men and women -- of all ages and in all walks of life -- transformed their lives and careers by following Dr. Peale's philosophy of positive thinking. Learn to develop the vital knowledge of inner power to carry you over every obstacle.
The Art of Real Happiness (written with Smiley Blanton, M.D.). An unusual blend of age-old truths and modern psychiatric techniques. Peale and Blanton identify -- and show how to overcome -- essential problems and conflicts that so often plague us and frustrate our chances for happiness.
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