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Name: A Blackbird in Silver

Author: Freda Warrington
Year: 1986


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.1
Genres/categories: Fantasy, Fiction

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From Forluin, green, half-fabled land of beauty and peace, has journeyed the gentle Estarinel, bearing tragic news.

From the terrible Empire of Gorethria rides Ashurek; a lean and deadly warrior, once High Commander of its Armies, scourge of the Earth, hated and feared across continents.

The third is known only as Medrian. Coldly wrapped in her cloak of sorrow, her eyes deep-shadowed with suffering long-endured, she will explain nothing of her reasons.

Theirs is the Quest. They must slay the great Serpent before it lays waste and utterly destroys the Earth. Together they must seek its lair in
the far frozen north, battling peril and nightmare until they face the ultimate, indestructible foe...

Three warriors. An epic Quest. They are the world's last hope...

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