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Name: The Scroll of Years

Full title: The Scroll of Years: A Gaunt and Bone Novel
Author: Chris Willrich
Year: 2013


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.1
Genres/categories: Fantasy
Culture: China

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It's Brent Weeks meets China Mieville in this wildly imaginative fantasy debut featuring high action, elegant writing, and sword and sorcery with a Chinese flare. Persimmon Gaunt and Imago Bone are a romantic couple and partners in crime. Persimmon is a poet from a well-to-do family, who found herself looking for adventure, while Imago is a thief in his ninth decade who is double-cursed, and his body has not aged in nearly seventy years. Together, their services and wanderlust have taken them into places better left unseen, and against odds best not spoken about. Now, they find themselves looking to get away, to the edge of the world, with Persimmon pregnant with their child, and the most feared duo of assassins hot on their trail. However, all is never what it seems, and a sordid adventure--complete with magic scrolls, gangs of thieves, and dragons both eastern and western--is at hand.
This book is part of the "Gaunt and Bone" series.
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, Pop Rating:1/10

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