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Name: Cloven Hooves

Author: Megan Lindholm


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.2
Genres/categories: Fantasy

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A remarkable tale of the fantastic in everyday life from Megan Lindholm, who also writes as Robin Hobb. Now part of the Voyager Classics collection. Evelyn is a solitary child, preferring to wander in the woods in all weathers rather than socialise. Her secret is a fantastic companion: a faun with whom she plays in the woods. Years later Evelyn finds happiness as a wife and mother, but life turns sour when the family move to Tacoma where her husband is asked to fill in at his father's business. Evelyn's husband's wish for them to stay permanently with his family causes a rift between them and then a terrible tragedy makes the situation even more impossible. Miraculously, when she needs a friend, Evelyn's childhood companion reappears in Tacoma. Pan, now an adult satyr and a secret friend to both her and her son, eventually becomes her lover. He leads Evelyn on an odyssey out of her failed marriage to fulfilment in the woods of Alaska.
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