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Name: Past the Size of Dreaming

Author: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Year: 2001


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.4
Genres/categories: Fantasy

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From the publisher (source: The Internet Book List):
Continues the spellbinding story of the wandering witch Matilda (Matt) Black, who possesses the ability to communicate with inanimate objects and see into people's dreams—and her companion Edmund Reynolds, a young man with magic of his own who is only beginning to come to grips with his past and his powers...

The two travelers have come to the town where Edmund grew up, and found shelter in the benevolently haunted house that was a refuge for Edmund and his friends when they were children. But the house begins to speak to Matt, urgently, telling her that she and Edmund have to leave, to seek out the long-scattered friends. For a darkness is rising, a dangerous, powerful entity. And the only chance of stopping it lies in the hearts of the lost children of the house...

This book is part of the "Spores Ferry" series.
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