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Name: The White Mists of Power

Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Year: 1991


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.2
Genres/categories: Fantasy

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An innocent excited boy, a prince and heir, takes his first journey to the city. The streets teem with merchants in velvet robes, magicians, half-mad preachers, with life and color, poverty and noise. He doesn't want to miss any of it. But this marks the last journey in his life as a prince. Soon he will be abandoned and declared dead. Soon he will be utterly alone, faced only with survival and what will become the driving force of his life: the quest to recover his stolen inheritance, his usurped throne, his home. A story of cities and palaces, of power-hungry lords and ladies scheming inside a magically threatened land. The intricate and compelling debut novel of an author who has gone on to have a seismic impact on the science fiction and fantasy field. "A traditional high fantasy novel...Rusch has added elements that make it original and unique. The story is strong, the magic subtle and mysterious." -Locus "A prince reclaiming his lost kingdom is...a compelling story. Rusch provides some unusual twists. Every bit as good as her fine short fiction." -Science Fiction Chronicle "A thrilling read." -Bookwatch "Moves at a whirlwind pace through political intrigue...A remarkable amount of plot as well as beguiling characters." -Publisher's Weekly
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