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Name: Critical Dawn

Authors: Darren Wearmouth, Colin F. Barnes
Year: 2017


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.1
Genres/categories: Science fiction, Thriller

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Some mysteries should stay buried.

Archaeologists Pippa Quinn and Charlie Jackson find advanced technology in undisturbed 16th Century graves. A portent, the discovery precedes thousands of giant sinkholes opening up across the globe as extreme weather threatens the population. Charlie suspects the two are related.

A centuries old plan unfolds.
Pippa, Charlie, and the rest of humanity will have to fight for survival, sacrificing the life they've known to protect Earth from an ancient and previously dormant enemy. Even that might not be enough as this new enemy exacts a plan that will change the course of humankind forever.

Critical Dawn is an apocalyptic ride to the very edge of human existence. Factions will battle for control of the Earth-if they can avoid the threat of extinction.