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Name: The Shadowhand Covenant

Author: Brian Farrey
Year: 2013


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1
Genres/categories: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Fiction

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Trouble is brewing in the Five Provinces. Mysterious magical artifacts have gone missing from the royal vaults. Master thieves from a secret society known as the Shadowhands are disappearing. And without explanation, the High Laird has begun imprisoning the peaceful Sarosan people. Jaxter Grimjinx suspects all these things are connected, but he knows better than to get involved. Then a summons from the Shadowhands thrusts Jaxter right into the heart of the conspiracy.
This book is part of the "The Vengekeep Prophecies" series.
Here are some other books from this series:
The Vengekeep Prophecies
First published 2012
, Original Star Rating:
, Adjustred Star Rating:
, Pop Rating:1.1/10

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