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Name: The Mark of Ran

Author: Paul Kearney
Year: 2004


Original Rating:

Popularity: 1.2
Genres/categories: Fantasy

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A stunning blend of visionary storytelling and majestic prose, The Mark of Ran is a new masterpiece of imaginative fiction. In this epic adventure, Paul Kearney records the voyages of a reluctant hero, a band of outcasts, and a quest into the unknown no one has ever dared before...

In a world abandoned by its Creator, an ancient race once existed-one with powers mankind cannot imagine. Some believe they were the last of the angels. Others think they were demons. Rol Cortishane was raised in a remote fishing village with no idea of his true place in the world. But in his veins runs the blood of this long-forgotten race and he shares their dangerous destiny. Driven from home, accused of witchcraft and black magic, Rol takes refuge in the brooding tower sanctuary of the enigmatic Michal Psellos. There Rol is trained in the assassin's craft and tutored by the beautiful but troubled Rowen. It's no accident that Rol and Rowen have been brought together, but the truth about their past is a secret they will have to fight to discover. Now they've set their sights across the sea in search of the Hidden City and an adventure that will make them legends...if it doesn't kill them first.
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