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Name: City of Blades

Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
Year: 2016


Original Rating:

Popularity: 2.1
Genres/categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery

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A generation ago, the city of Voortyashtan was the stronghold of the god of war and death, the birthplace of fearsome supernatural sentinels who killed and subjugated millions.

Now, the city's god is dead. The city itself lies in ruins. And to its new military occupiers, the once-powerful capital is a wasteland of sectarian violence and bloody uprisings.

So it makes perfect sense that General Turyin Mulaghesh -- foul-mouthed hero of the battle of Bulikov, rumored war criminal, ally of an embattled Prime Minister -- has been exiled there to count down the days until she can draw her pension and be forgotten.

At least, it makes the perfect cover story.

The truth is that the general has been pressed into service one last time, dispatched to investigate a discovery. For while the city's god is most certainly dead, something is awakening in Voortyashtan. And someone is determined to make the world tremble at the the city's awful power again.

This book is part of the "The Divine Cities" series.
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