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Hello there, and welcome to one of the few independent book sites left online.
It is dedicated to everyone who loves books, but starting to realize that there are so many of them and only so much time.

This site was started with a simple, but difficult goal in mind - to create the best book recommendation engine possible.
While we are working on this goal, our first step is to share our combined book ratings with you - below you will find the top rated books in multiple categories.

This is an ad free site.
We would appreciate, if in return, you help us to spread the word around.


2018-12-09 20:00:00Books available for reading online!
We are adding support for reading books online! Now you can open them and read directly in your browser - no need to look for download links, reader software, etc. - everything is supported right in your browser!
(We advise you to check your country's copyright laws - most book we reference are subject to US and Canadian laws.)
We are also changing the implementation of how "free" books are handled.
Related to this, please excuse us of any "side effects" that might be happening to our site.
2018-10-01 20:00:00New ratings / ranking options!
Our new ratings are here! We added popular rating, original review rating and combined rank to help you order the books better.
Read all about them here.